Monday, December 6, 2010

Ellis Family Picture card

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Ellis Missionaries

I just got this picture from Devin...taken Nov 1st while he and Tarry were in the MTC together. I think it's so cute of them!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Update on the Marcano Clan

So the semester is FLYING by. It seems like just yesterday it was Aug 1 and I was starting my new job as a counselor at Round Rock High School. There is so much to do - it feels like a marathon that I'm trying to keep up with.
Jessica is in 3rd grade at Great Oaks Elem and making some great new friends there. She especially enjoys the two hours of lone time with mom during our hour commute to and from Round Rock each day. She also enjoys being in the after school care with the YMCA and getting to play with her classmates after school.
Lily is in Pre-K and proving to be just as smart as we always suspected. Her vocabulary continues to amaze me. The other day she was complaining about something and said, "Mom, it's off the hook!" Where does she get that? Her Pre-K teacher commented that she picks up on things even the teachers seem to miss. On one assignment she was to color the like leaves the same color. It meant on the row. She found one on the top and bottom that were the same even though one was turned at a different angle. The teacher asked her what she was doing and she said, "Aren't we supposed to color the same leaves the same color?" The teacher took a closer look and noticed she was right. Lily enjoys staying after school while her daddy works to do "homework". The homework is usually a worksheet his kindergarten kids have done that day. She loves it and wants to do anything Jessica is doing.
Gavin started in daycare this fall. They were wrapping up potty training when he got there, but he tried it and is doing pretty well for a young 2 yr old boy. I'm fairly impressed. He even went a couple of days with underwear with no accidents!! Way to go Gavin. He is so cute and such a sweet heart. He is speaking more and more each day. I think the structure of the day care is really good for him. He loves to sing to us and bobs his little head in time to the music. Lately his favorite songs have been "Happy Family", "Old McDonald had a farm", and "5 little monkeys".
Jhonny just got accepted into a Masters of Ed program through UTA. He starts next week as a probationary student pending his GRE exam. He is loving his job as a Kindergarten teacher. His first graders (Kindergarten from last year) are showing up the whole school! They scored the highest on the TPRI test than any other 1st grade class and I believe they did better than any class has ever scored. Everyone of his kids from last year was "developed" in all areas. He didn't even know what all the congrats were for when the Principal and other teachers stopped by to tell him. The challenge now is to get his class now up to par. The first grade teacher of his bilingual group is stopping by frequently to tell him to stop doing this or that - i.e. He contacted DeVry University where he graduated and the recruiter sends him shirts for all his kids. DeVry sent him some new ones for this year. The first graders wanted to know when their new teacher would get them a shirt this year. LOL.
The latest news is that we're listing our house. We hope that it will sell by next summer, but we shall see. The hope is that some day we can move everyone to Round Rock so we can have more family time. And maybe my kids besides just Jessica can see their mom more than just on the weekends.
The last news is that we're planning a trip to Idaho for Christmas. We would love to see family - and especially spend a little time with Grandma and Grandpa Ellis. I hope it will be a white Christmas for a kids. They don't get too much of that. Maybe we'll get to see some of ya'll up there this year. I may not have another chance to post again for a while. So! Until then!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Ellis

I was trying to update my blog a little tonight and ran across these pictures I asked my dad to take of Grandma and Grandpa Ellis. This was at the Mt. Timpanogas Temple on Aug 12th, 2010 just after Devin received his endowments. I thought they were cute :)

Does it ever feel like......

you are talking to yourself??? I've been checking this blog and trying to add every once in awhile (really should update my OWN family!) and I think i"m the only one here. Anyone out there??? Let's add some stuff and COMMENTS people!!!! Love you all! Miss you all! Hope all is well for you.

Our family is in the full swing of school days! The girls went to 3 whole days last week and survived! Devin is working working and trying to save the last minute money for his mission! He has enjoyed going to the temple, and has been to 5 different temples already in the last 2 1/2 weeks.

Well...the cookies n cream (or should I go for peppermint chocolate chip) ice cream is calling my name. I wish it would stop. It's our Sunday Sundae treat...we try not to eat it any other day. Gotta enjoy at least one day a week, right?????

Friday, August 13, 2010

Devin's Farewell

I thought I'd let you all know that Devin's Farewell will be on Sunday, Sept 26th at 9am here in Lehi. If you'd like to come down (or up), please let us know. We'll have some sort of brunch or lunch afterwards. We have a couple of extra beds...and if those are full----plenty of floor space if you don't mind that.

Devin also went to the temple yesterday and took out his endowments on his birthday. It was a quickly decided we didn't tell anyone really...sorry!! We realized Gma and Gpa Ellis were leaving town...and we tried to coordinate 3 work schedules FAST....but we got it done! What a great experience!!! We are so proud of Devin! He is looking forward to getting to Seattle


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yours and Mine Poem

Hey everyone I need some help finding the poem, "Yours and Mine" author Unkown. It's a poem about a family that has lost a child. It starts off about how the lord looked down on a couple and thought that they would make great parents to a little spirit of His. It then goes on to talk about the boy growing up and then about the early passing of the boy and how the Lord reminds them that that spirit was his and theirs. Ranley's cousin lost her little 5yr. old boy friday, and that poem seems to always bring some comfort to those who read it. It use to be on my parents old computer but it crashed and I can't find a hard copy anywhere. If any of you have a copy of it or know where one is I would appreciate you letting me know. I've searched for it and can't find it anywhere. Thanks again Bon

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Ellis' are Growing

I'll post more pictures of the reunion soon...but here are all the new babies from the last year. Starting at the bottom and going clockwise---Lance Marquez, Paylor Egbert, Raegan Sears, Jacob Green, Paige Koyle, Tristen Ellis, Aliza Haney. Let me know if I misspelled anyone's name!
You all know how much I hate to misspell people's names :)

Here they all are with their mommies! Glad they were all wearing the same outfit as in the above picture as that helps identify them all! Do you know how confusing it was for you to change their outfits each day? Front row: Bonnie & Paige, Leejean and her book on Zeke, Ashurity & "the one still cooking". Back row: Cheary & Aliza, Aspen & Paylor, Akeey & Tristen, Stephanie & Jacob, Natalie & Raegan, Janet & Lance.

I thought this picture was too cute of the cousins Leejean & Ashurity.

What a FUN reunion! Thanks Sears family for hosting! More pics to come!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baptism Day

Last week, Jessica was baptized and confirmed. It was a beautiful day for the Marcano family. We had friends and family come from Houston, Louisiana, and Dallas for the event. I survived feeding a couple of dozen people at my home afterwards before everyone headed home. Jessica reports that it was the "best day ever!"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Walla Walla Sweets

Hey everyone!  WE will be at the reunion this year.  Yeah!  If anyone would like some walla walla sweet onions, let me know and I will bring them with us.  they are $10 for a 25lb bag of the large ones and $15 for a 25 lb bag of the jumbo ones!!!!  These are THE BEST onions ever! My kids will even eat just the onion when we grill it.  Anyway, let me know asap and I will bring the mto the reunion~

Friday, July 9, 2010


Wes has been looking for a different job for over a year. He has turned in countless applications/resumes with no response except a few post cards saying they appreciate the interest but have filled the position and will keep his information on file for 6 months. Every night he spent numerous hours on the computer looking at job openings and would ask me if he should apply for this or that job. My response was frequently the same, "Go for it, the worst thing they could do is not call you." So, since the most recent paycut he has had even more time to spend looking for a job. He has talked to people at Job Service as well as getting help with his resume at the LDS Employment center. He casually would talk to members of the credit union about their jobs, how they liked them... and if they had any openings. Last week he had a phone interview with a company he was referred to by a credit union member. He had a follow up interview on Wednesday and they told him to expect to hear back from them by the end of next week since the CEO was out of the office this week. On that same day he got a phone call for an interview with the local school district for the following day. He explained to them that he would love to come to an interview but his time constraint would be doing so during his lunch break and he works on the other side of town. They said no problem we can do it in that time. He was about 5 minutes late getting back to work from that interview and thankfully no one said anything about his tardiness. They have told him in the past that if he was ever late it could be reason for termination. This morning he got a phone call from the school district. They left a message to call them back a long with the office phone number and a cell phone number. Being optimistic we both felt this had to be good news due to the fact that I have gotten phone messages telling me they have chosen someone else. Wes came home for lunch to pick up some papers he forgot this morning. He called the district back while standing in the driveway and I was able to watch him literally jump for joy when they offered and he accepted a position to work in the district office. We have been praying for guidance for so long and are truly grateful that the interview were this week and he was able to leave the credit union during his lunch break. Normally he is not allowed to leave the building in case they get busy and need him to cut his break short.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

Hey guys it's that time of year again! Mark your calendars for July 23-25. Thanks to Merilee and Harold who have been so gracious to offer the use of their farm house again this year. Here's a run down of things we have planned:



Lunch- on your own

Dinner- Merilee and Harold Waters Family


Breakfast- Kim's & Randy's Families

Lunch- Kevin's Family

Dinner- Lanett and Our Family

Dessert Bar- Everybody bring a dessert to share


Breakfast- Grandma and Grandpa and Garrin's Family

* All paper products and silverware and drinks will be provided by the our family.*


Floating the Canal, Volleyball, relay races, 4 wheeling (for those who want to bring them),

fishing, slip'n'slide, relay races, *family pictures, humanitarian project, and tons of visiting

*Ashley is going to take Family Pictures for us on Saturday, one Big Ellis Family Group Picture and Individual Family pictures. She has a shirt color assigned for each family. You don't have to wear a solid colored shirt, just as long as your color is in it. ( I hope that makes sense ) The Cost will be $10 for the Individual Families and no charge for the Big Ellis Family Group Picture.



This year instead of family dues we are going to have an Auction. Were keeping it pretty low cost but any extra made will get passed to Lanett for next year's reunion. For the Auction item it can be anything (i.e. homemade foods and crafts, acts of services, anything you want to give away). You also need to put a starting bid on your item, to make sure that whatever money you put in to it you get out of it.


We will be having a Campfire program Saturday Night after the auction. Each main family will need to have one Pioneer story to share. (i.e. Randy's family-one story)

I hope to see all of you there!!! If you have any questions e-mail me at

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cauliflower Pizza???

A friend of mine just posted a link to this recipe on Facebook. It sounds like it could be delicious. I'm thinking of making the breadstick recipe later this week or even trying the pizza. I thought it would be good topped with some grilled veggies - peppers, onions.....garlic....

Anyway - thought I'd pass it along since they looked like semi-healthy recipes. I think you could even try adding egg beaters instead of egg, and using the part skim mozerella cheese. And if you did make it into pizza you'd want to be careful how much more cheese you added to it - to keep the fat content down enough. I'll let you know if I end up trying it. My friend who made it said that it was pretty good and she couldn't even taste the cauliflower. She said she hates cauliflower and the pizza was still pretty good.

Wild Idea

Ok fam! Aunt Tammy has this idea that she got from her daughter in law, Kori, this past month. We don't always post on the Ellis sight, me especially, but if all of us try just a little harder this year, we could publish a book for Grandpa and Grandma Ellis for Christmas this year! Actually, I think Stef has something in mind and we could do the book for next year! I am starting it with my own blog but Kori's turned out so awesome, I thought this would be good for Grandpa and Grandma. Let me know what all of you think.

Chalice, glad to hear things are looking up. I was wondering about you with your family's jobs and being Relief Society president. Stef thanks for your updates and it was sooooooo fun to run into Shawnee last Saturday! I loved it!

A thought for all of us today--
When God makes a promise to you, He has every intention of fulfilling it.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Moms and update

Wow...we seem to have a whole bunch of new moms! Bonnie and Natalie both had their babies this last week within a few hours of each other....let's see Bonnie's is Paige Margo, and Natalie's is Reagan....not sure if I spelled any of them right. I hear that Aspen had her baby this morning and named her Taylor. That's Girls 3 Boys 0. congrats to the new moms!

We have been keeping busy around here! I don't write often because I feel like there isn't anything newsworthy---but that really isn't the intention of our's to keep in touch!! So...let's update on US...even if it IS boring...some of you haven't seen us in awhile and it may be new news to you . lol. !!! Garrin is hard at work at the shop which is going really well. We hired our first employee 4 months ago and that's been going well. He's been really busy except last week for some reason. I've been working at my job.....not loving it lately...but it's getting better. Still doing the books for the shop and trying to keep up with the kids.

Shawnee made the Ballroom dance team for next year and will be a senior! She's so excited! She is having her performance from Ballroom class next weekend. She has been so so so busy and has been really stressed about school this year. She'll be taking 2 classes in packets this summer to free up some time next year so it won't be so stressful. Kaylee will also be doing a couple of packets to free up her schedule. We hardly see Shawnee between early morning Ballroom class, school, work, Youth Conference committee, YCL for Camp, Laurel president...and the occasional friend or two. Kaylee just finished up track---running the 400 and the 4x400 relay. She did great. She loves all the drama classes (like her cousin chalice) and we just went to her drama performance of scenes from Shakepeare. She's a go-er too. Jaycee just did Hope of America..which was made up of 5th graders from schools all over the area. We met at BYU at the Marriott center and they made up an American flag with their shirt colors and sang patriotic songs. It was cool. She is growing up fast. Devin is home and has been going to UVU for the past year. He is relieved that school is over for now and is starting full time work tomorrow. He continues to date Kiera and is also always on the go.

So that is us in a nutshell. Not exciting...but at least you know what we're up to these days. One of these days I'll have something exciting to share. (i hope) If not---you'll just keep getting these boring updates. lol Anyone else have updates? Boring or not!

Back to work I go. . .

So as most of you know, our family has been recovering from unemployment this past year. When Jhonny decided to become a teacher, I knew things would be tough financially. I felt like this was a good decision for him anyway. It has been a good year for him. I've been working as much as possible as a substitute and homebound teacher which has been good, but not without it's sacrifices.
It's been a year since I've had health insurance and Jhonny's insurance was not really useful either. So the more I prayed about our situation, the more I felt like the only option was for me to go back to work for real. I have already been gone almost full time anyway - but not really being compensated for my time the way I could be.
So I tried interviewing last year in some places, but the situation was never right. Last week I had two really good interviews. One was for a fourth grade teaching position here in town. I felt really good about it. And I would have been happy even though I couldn't understand why I would have been so impressed to go get my masters in counseling if I was just to return to the classroom anyway. But, I felt good about it.
Before the school could get back to me with a decision, I got another call. Round Rock High School's lead counselor called and asked if I'd accepted a job yet. I told her not exactly, but that one was on it's way. She pleaded with me to wait until at least they could interveiw me on Friday. I said, "Okay," knowing that the process from the school here would take longer to get back to me than that. Then by the tone in her voice, I knew I needed to make a decision before the interview if an offer would come and for some reason I felt that it would.
Wow- what a difficult choice to make! Be here close to home and in my daughter's school or travel an hour to and from work and do what I love in a much higher paying district. I started to see some things that I hadn't considered before. If my daughter goes to the elementary down the street, that would be 2 hours of lone time with her each day. The Round Rock hospital is down the street from the school. I don't really know how that would play a part later, but it could be important. This may be the window of opportunity for my children to go to a school district where opportunities are available to them that are not available here in Rockdale - something I have been frustrated about.
Then my nanny said she had felt impressed that by next fall she needed to get an apartment of her own and move out to Round Rock. The thing holding me back was time away from my baby, Gavin. Lily will be attending preschool with her dad next year so I wasn't worried about her. Then the thought came to me that if I were to put him in a day care where my Nanny could get a job, she might be able to afford an apartment of her own and I would know my son was in good hands closer to where I was working. Hmm. It could work and she got excited about the idea.
So, I decided that if I were offered the job, I had better take it or I might not get another opportunity like this.
The interview went AWESOME. I got along really well with the lead counselor. We went throught he same graduate program - cohort with Sam Houston State Univ. with Dr. Judy Neslon - my mentor and professor. She asked if I knew her. I said, "Not only do I know her, worked with and I have a letter of recommendation from her in your hands." She was sold.
The principal was great too. Just the kind of administrator I could work for. They said I could expect to hear from him next week. 30 minutes after the interview, I got a call offering me the job.
I held off for an hour so I could call Jhonny and check in with him. Of course he said,"yes."
When I got home, I checked into things a little more only to discover I had been off on the pay scale and I would actually get 4000 more than I thought. I also discovered that the insurance is probably the cheapest and best in the state for educators. Wow!
I feel so blessed. It has been a long year pinching pennies and trying to stay healthy. I'm feeling relief more than anything and grateful. This job feels like a miracle right now.

Friday, April 9, 2010


IT was really fun to see aunty Steph and uncle Garrin and the kids came to visit and dad happen to come and see us at the same

Monday, April 5, 2010

Conference Weekend

Harold and Merilee hosted such a big group of us and bedded us, too! It was fun as we were able to see Kevin and Sylvia's family, too. We thought of pictures a little late, but took these few on Sunday. It was awesome to listen to conference together with each other and discuss and share testimonies. We love each of you and your example. Let's follow the prophet.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some Ellis Siblings

It started as a simple thing. Randy visiting Garrin.....and then it grew. HOW FUN! Our impromptu dinner turned into 18 people having dinner at Chuck a Rama. It was great to be able to visit with's been awhile!

Garrin, Randy, Lanett, and Kim

Shelly, Kim, and Tammy. Randy, Lanett, Barry, and Garrin. Sydney and Samantha are hidden at the end of the table.

Jaycee and Dawson with a table to themselves

The "teens" Coby, Shawnee, Hayden, Kaylee, Logan (Stefanie's nephew), and Devin

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The three Ellis boys

We all got together for Christmas at Derrick's house and it was fun to put the three newest Ellis grandsons together. Berny Lance Marquez is on the left, Jared Alexander Green is in the middle, and Tristan Ellis is on the right. Aren't they cute!!!

The Green Boys

I thought you all might like to see some pictures of our newest addition. We are having a lot of fun with Jared. He is a very good baby. His big brothers love him to pieces, sometimes a little too much.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Email from Coby...2-8-10

Well hello everyone.

I have to say this week has be the best week ever while on my mission. there is a lot that has gone on. me and elder hessing found 10 new investigators. just from this week. and we got to go and teach them all about the restoration of the church. and wow. they are so interested and willing to listen to us. the first one was AVA. and she had five and then her sister was there with her two kids. and ava she has a set of twins and they are six and they even sat in on the lesson and talked to us and answered our questions and all of that and they all were so cool. and then after the lesson they feed us too. wow we are really hoping that we are going to be able to get them baptized. so we have another appointment with them towmorrow. and hopefully it will just as well as the first time. and then there is another girl named stephine. and she is in high school and we have another appoinmtent with her and her boy freind too. and she was really into the lesson too and they both really liked it. and so we are really going to work with her too. and then there is also Emily. she is another one. she married a return missionary and ya. so we taught her last tuesday. and we set a baptismal date for march 14th. so we are hopeing that she will want to keep that. :) and we know she will deffinantly be baptized. cuz her in laws are way active in the church. sister giles the mom is the relief socitey president and then anna sister Giles daughter is a counsler. so ya with emily she is really wanting to learn more. it is so great. :) :) we are way way excited. and so ya this week has been good. i just have to tell all of you that the church is so true. I cant believe how true it is. and the fact that i get to share that with people i just love it. I love the ward here. they are way way nice. :) and also the guy that writes the music and plays the piano for Donny and Marie Osmond is in our wards bishopric. we meet with him and his family last night. and they are all way way nice and sweet. all the people in the ward are way nice. and sweet. I love the people. but i do have to say the time is going be way way way way oh ya did i mention WAY to fast. :( i mean seriously. but thats okay. :) we have also been working with the 15 names form the ward of LA members and in working with them i have seen a 180 degree turn around. it is so cool. the gospel truley does bless the lives of people. i mean it really does. :) and i am glad to hear that missionary work is going on back home. :) ya I also have to tell you all the power of prayer and scripture study. i have decided that 3 hours a day is not enough time for studying. :( i wish i had more but it is okay. i just ablsoulty love my mission. and i am glad to be here. Well i hope all is going well with you all. i LOVE ALL OF YOU!

until next week.

LOVE, Elder Ellis.