Monday, April 27, 2009

Reunion and updates

Okay - we're in! Just need all the details down the line. I've made reservations for our road trip up to the Family Reunion. Dad is coming with us. . . the jury is still out on Mom - so she's a maybe. We've been making plans and budgeting for the past month and it's a definite go.

Also - Jhonny passed his first texas teaching exam in Bilingual Generalist EC-4! Yeah! That was a hard one! Two more tests to go, but hopefully not before he can get a job. He has an interview today and it looks good.

Have a great week!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25-May 2

Here's the activities for this coming week-
April 26 - Climb a tree
April 27 - Choose pictures from magazines or newspapers and write a one page story about it or draw a picture of the picture you see.
April 28 - Play miniature golf
April 29 - Read a long poem, such as Psalm 119 or "The Legend of Hiawatha," with your family. Illustrate the poem.
April 30 - Play :truth or dare:. ONe family member asks a question; the others either tell the truth or complete a "dare".
May 1 - Make rhino horns and wear them. PRetend to fight with the horns. Talk to your children about endangered animals.
May 2 - Tell stories of famous brothers and sisters in the Bible, Book of Mormon. Share a story about brothers and sisters in your family.
Today we had snow and rain. It is cold and we are still trying to work on our retaining wall to the side of the house. Will post our progress pictures this week. Coby said he will wash his truck this week, too. Love ya!

Friday, April 17, 2009

YUMMY Recipe!

I tried this recipe this past weekend and they were DELICOUS! I haven't copied the recipe yet - but I'm hoping the picture of it from the cookbook (Rhodes Roll cookbook) will show up enough. Give them a try - they were a hit at our house!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Week Two for Fun Family Activities

I'm one day behind but here's the activities for this week with your families. Love Ya!
April 14 - Plant flowers around the house
April 15 - Lie down outside and look up at the sky. Name the clouds.
April 16 - Pick up trash at a park.
April 17 - Write a newspaper. Include photos and articles about recent family activities. Make copies and send to relatives.
April 18 - Practice juggling scarves, balls, and other items.
April 19 - Ride bicycles together.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

KNOCK Knock Joke

Here is one for the Ellis Blog. Have fun with your Knock Knock JOkes.
Knock Knock who's there bach bach who bach to work you slackers! Silly, I know, but have fun with them.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Okay all of you young mothers out there and Grandma's and Grandpa's too! I was in Seagull Book the other day and came across this fun little calendar. It is fun family activities to do with your families for the whole year. After having all of our grandchildren spending a week with us, I was worn out with activities to do all the time. When I saw this, I told Ashley and Joanna if they had just ONE activity for the kids to look forward to each day, instead of one every hour, it might help. So I am going to post for anyone who would like to take advantage of this little post from me each week for an activity A DAY. Let us know how you are doing with it and how your children like it. Here goes-
April 6 - Enjoy tomatoes, eat fresh tomatoes and use tomato sauce in your family's dinner. Drink tomato juice with lunch.
April 7 - Share riddles and knock-knock jokes around the dinner table.
April 8 - |Draw a picture of your favorite bird. Add beads, fabric, or feathers to the picture.
April 9 - Look up the meaning of the name of each family member. Discover variations on your names in other languages. Hunt for famous people with your name.
April 10 - Make a pretend banjo with a box and strings. Sing "Oh Susanna,"
April 11 - Introduce your children to the concept of welding with a glue gun or Super Glue. Construct something from wood.
April 12- Volunteer as a family at a local homeless shelter, library, or your church.

Lots of love and kisses to all our family, extended family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. Grandma Tammy