Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Okay you saw the kid with the tatoos, well this kid is NOT really like this. I didn't know this and when they arrived I was very shocked to say the least as to Coby's choice of friends. Nevertheless, I welcomed him and found him quite nice. This was a joke and also if you're wondering how Coby and his date were to get in this TALL TRUCK--when you open the door, the step rails came down and gave you a step! Now that was COOL!

Coby's Senior Prom

Yep Coby did it! He went to a dance (his Senior Prom)! We had a friend that lives behind us who is a single lawyer and he told Coby to take his truck! Coby was definitely on a high with this truck. He went with 2 other friends and their dates and here for Dutch oven dinner. We thought Coby looked pretty dang sharp, you tell us what you think! Love and prayers for everyone!href="">

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ellis Family Reunion

Summer is Right around the Corner--------Are you ready for some fun?------We Are!
The date has been set for July 2-4or 5 and we are having it at the farm, which most of you should know where that is but if you don't there will be directions. Every one is welcome to come anytime Thursday and stay until Sunday. Mom was slow in deciding where to have the reunion and found out eveerywhere that was big enough for our family was already booked for that weekend. We are looking forward to having it at the farm. We have lots of activities planned.
4 wheeling in the desert, Travis knows some trails close by.
We will have volleyball and basketball, possibly mud volleyball, come prepared.
Swimming and Tubing the canal. Wading pool for the little ones.
Grandpa is planinng on a Family HOme Evening Lesson
Flag ceremony to retire old flags, if anyone has an old flag that needs to be retired the proper way bring it along.
Bring your riffles, there are always lots of Rockchucks to blow up!
We want to reserve the Thursday night 7:30 session at the Temple for all that can make it that time, There will lots of babysitters here. Let me know ASAP so those reservations can be made.
We would like every one to bring their Pictures of growing up and we can copy them and identify them or exchange them, we can have fun reminising about them. Along with picture we would like to have everyone bring their Geneolgy so we can all compare and get caught up and get copies. If ant one has Family Stories of growing up or of Ancestors bring them along. We are going to have fun with them. I quess that's the perks of having the reunion at the farm. (electricity and thecomputer and copy machine)
We will provide all the main courses of the meals, so if everyone wants to fill in with snacks and salad, that would be great. We are looking forwaard to seeing everyone and having lots of fun. Tell all yourfamily in case we don't get them contacted. Love, Constant Waters
Directions are Take the Valley Exit come North 3-4 mile to the stop sign, turn right and go to Eden. Turn right at Black oil and come 6 miles to the stop sign and turn right and go 1/2 mile to the green brick house and there you are. Find a spot to pitch your tent or park you trailer and we'll be set.