Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The three Ellis boys

We all got together for Christmas at Derrick's house and it was fun to put the three newest Ellis grandsons together. Berny Lance Marquez is on the left, Jared Alexander Green is in the middle, and Tristan Ellis is on the right. Aren't they cute!!!

The Green Boys

I thought you all might like to see some pictures of our newest addition. We are having a lot of fun with Jared. He is a very good baby. His big brothers love him to pieces, sometimes a little too much.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Email from Coby...2-8-10

Well hello everyone.

I have to say this week has be the best week ever while on my mission. there is a lot that has gone on. me and elder hessing found 10 new investigators. just from this week. and we got to go and teach them all about the restoration of the church. and wow. they are so interested and willing to listen to us. the first one was AVA. and she had five and then her sister was there with her two kids. and ava she has a set of twins and they are six and they even sat in on the lesson and talked to us and answered our questions and all of that and they all were so cool. and then after the lesson they feed us too. wow we are really hoping that we are going to be able to get them baptized. so we have another appointment with them towmorrow. and hopefully it will just as well as the first time. and then there is another girl named stephine. and she is in high school and we have another appoinmtent with her and her boy freind too. and she was really into the lesson too and they both really liked it. and so we are really going to work with her too. and then there is also Emily. she is another one. she married a return missionary and ya. so we taught her last tuesday. and we set a baptismal date for march 14th. so we are hopeing that she will want to keep that. :) and we know she will deffinantly be baptized. cuz her in laws are way active in the church. sister giles the mom is the relief socitey president and then anna sister Giles daughter is a counsler. so ya with emily she is really wanting to learn more. it is so great. :) :) we are way way excited. and so ya this week has been good. i just have to tell all of you that the church is so true. I cant believe how true it is. and the fact that i get to share that with people i just love it. I love the ward here. they are way way nice. :) and also the guy that writes the music and plays the piano for Donny and Marie Osmond is in our wards bishopric. we meet with him and his family last night. and they are all way way nice and sweet. all the people in the ward are way nice. and sweet. I love the people. but i do have to say the time is going be way way way way oh ya did i mention WAY to fast. :( i mean seriously. but thats okay. :) we have also been working with the 15 names form the ward of LA members and in working with them i have seen a 180 degree turn around. it is so cool. the gospel truley does bless the lives of people. i mean it really does. :) and i am glad to hear that missionary work is going on back home. :) ya I also have to tell you all the power of prayer and scripture study. i have decided that 3 hours a day is not enough time for studying. :( i wish i had more but it is okay. i just ablsoulty love my mission. and i am glad to be here. Well i hope all is going well with you all. i LOVE ALL OF YOU!

until next week.

LOVE, Elder Ellis.