Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Ellis' are Growing

I'll post more pictures of the reunion soon...but here are all the new babies from the last year. Starting at the bottom and going clockwise---Lance Marquez, Paylor Egbert, Raegan Sears, Jacob Green, Paige Koyle, Tristen Ellis, Aliza Haney. Let me know if I misspelled anyone's name!
You all know how much I hate to misspell people's names :)

Here they all are with their mommies! Glad they were all wearing the same outfit as in the above picture as that helps identify them all! Do you know how confusing it was for you to change their outfits each day? Front row: Bonnie & Paige, Leejean and her book on Zeke, Ashurity & "the one still cooking". Back row: Cheary & Aliza, Aspen & Paylor, Akeey & Tristen, Stephanie & Jacob, Natalie & Raegan, Janet & Lance.

I thought this picture was too cute of the cousins Leejean & Ashurity.

What a FUN reunion! Thanks Sears family for hosting! More pics to come!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baptism Day

Last week, Jessica was baptized and confirmed. It was a beautiful day for the Marcano family. We had friends and family come from Houston, Louisiana, and Dallas for the event. I survived feeding a couple of dozen people at my home afterwards before everyone headed home. Jessica reports that it was the "best day ever!"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Walla Walla Sweets

Hey everyone!  WE will be at the reunion this year.  Yeah!  If anyone would like some walla walla sweet onions, let me know and I will bring them with us.  they are $10 for a 25lb bag of the large ones and $15 for a 25 lb bag of the jumbo ones!!!!  These are THE BEST onions ever! My kids will even eat just the onion when we grill it.  Anyway, let me know asap and I will bring the mto the reunion~

Friday, July 9, 2010


Wes has been looking for a different job for over a year. He has turned in countless applications/resumes with no response except a few post cards saying they appreciate the interest but have filled the position and will keep his information on file for 6 months. Every night he spent numerous hours on the computer looking at job openings and would ask me if he should apply for this or that job. My response was frequently the same, "Go for it, the worst thing they could do is not call you." So, since the most recent paycut he has had even more time to spend looking for a job. He has talked to people at Job Service as well as getting help with his resume at the LDS Employment center. He casually would talk to members of the credit union about their jobs, how they liked them... and if they had any openings. Last week he had a phone interview with a company he was referred to by a credit union member. He had a follow up interview on Wednesday and they told him to expect to hear back from them by the end of next week since the CEO was out of the office this week. On that same day he got a phone call for an interview with the local school district for the following day. He explained to them that he would love to come to an interview but his time constraint would be doing so during his lunch break and he works on the other side of town. They said no problem we can do it in that time. He was about 5 minutes late getting back to work from that interview and thankfully no one said anything about his tardiness. They have told him in the past that if he was ever late it could be reason for termination. This morning he got a phone call from the school district. They left a message to call them back a long with the office phone number and a cell phone number. Being optimistic we both felt this had to be good news due to the fact that I have gotten phone messages telling me they have chosen someone else. Wes came home for lunch to pick up some papers he forgot this morning. He called the district back while standing in the driveway and I was able to watch him literally jump for joy when they offered and he accepted a position to work in the district office. We have been praying for guidance for so long and are truly grateful that the interview were this week and he was able to leave the credit union during his lunch break. Normally he is not allowed to leave the building in case they get busy and need him to cut his break short.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

Hey guys it's that time of year again! Mark your calendars for July 23-25. Thanks to Merilee and Harold who have been so gracious to offer the use of their farm house again this year. Here's a run down of things we have planned:



Lunch- on your own

Dinner- Merilee and Harold Waters Family


Breakfast- Kim's & Randy's Families

Lunch- Kevin's Family

Dinner- Lanett and Our Family

Dessert Bar- Everybody bring a dessert to share


Breakfast- Grandma and Grandpa and Garrin's Family

* All paper products and silverware and drinks will be provided by the our family.*


Floating the Canal, Volleyball, relay races, 4 wheeling (for those who want to bring them),

fishing, slip'n'slide, relay races, *family pictures, humanitarian project, and tons of visiting

*Ashley is going to take Family Pictures for us on Saturday, one Big Ellis Family Group Picture and Individual Family pictures. She has a shirt color assigned for each family. You don't have to wear a solid colored shirt, just as long as your color is in it. ( I hope that makes sense ) The Cost will be $10 for the Individual Families and no charge for the Big Ellis Family Group Picture.



This year instead of family dues we are going to have an Auction. Were keeping it pretty low cost but any extra made will get passed to Lanett for next year's reunion. For the Auction item it can be anything (i.e. homemade foods and crafts, acts of services, anything you want to give away). You also need to put a starting bid on your item, to make sure that whatever money you put in to it you get out of it.


We will be having a Campfire program Saturday Night after the auction. Each main family will need to have one Pioneer story to share. (i.e. Randy's family-one story)

I hope to see all of you there!!! If you have any questions e-mail me at