Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Ellis' are Growing

I'll post more pictures of the reunion soon...but here are all the new babies from the last year. Starting at the bottom and going clockwise---Lance Marquez, Paylor Egbert, Raegan Sears, Jacob Green, Paige Koyle, Tristen Ellis, Aliza Haney. Let me know if I misspelled anyone's name!
You all know how much I hate to misspell people's names :)

Here they all are with their mommies! Glad they were all wearing the same outfit as in the above picture as that helps identify them all! Do you know how confusing it was for you to change their outfits each day? Front row: Bonnie & Paige, Leejean and her book on Zeke, Ashurity & "the one still cooking". Back row: Cheary & Aliza, Aspen & Paylor, Akeey & Tristen, Stephanie & Jacob, Natalie & Raegan, Janet & Lance.

I thought this picture was too cute of the cousins Leejean & Ashurity.

What a FUN reunion! Thanks Sears family for hosting! More pics to come!

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