Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wild Idea

Ok fam! Aunt Tammy has this idea that she got from her daughter in law, Kori, this past month. We don't always post on the Ellis sight, me especially, but if all of us try just a little harder this year, we could publish a book for Grandpa and Grandma Ellis for Christmas this year! Actually, I think Stef has something in mind and we could do the book for next year! I am starting it with my own blog but Kori's turned out so awesome, I thought this would be good for Grandpa and Grandma. Let me know what all of you think.

Chalice, glad to hear things are looking up. I was wondering about you with your family's jobs and being Relief Society president. Stef thanks for your updates and it was sooooooo fun to run into Shawnee last Saturday! I loved it!

A thought for all of us today--
When God makes a promise to you, He has every intention of fulfilling it.

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Stefanie said...

wow...this is a great idea...my neighbor is downloading her blog and printing it out...on blurb. Is that what Kori used? I'd love love love to see it :( too bad we're too far away.

Yes..planning a book...man I hope I get it ready for christmas. Mine is more of a heritage type book. I'm working my guts out on the "stuff" I"m working on..and have no idea if I can actually finish it by Christmas. The girls help me several hours each Sunday. I'll keep working.

Yes..we all need to do better on posting! So much fun to keep in touch!