Friday, August 13, 2010

Devin's Farewell

I thought I'd let you all know that Devin's Farewell will be on Sunday, Sept 26th at 9am here in Lehi. If you'd like to come down (or up), please let us know. We'll have some sort of brunch or lunch afterwards. We have a couple of extra beds...and if those are full----plenty of floor space if you don't mind that.

Devin also went to the temple yesterday and took out his endowments on his birthday. It was a quickly decided we didn't tell anyone really...sorry!! We realized Gma and Gpa Ellis were leaving town...and we tried to coordinate 3 work schedules FAST....but we got it done! What a great experience!!! We are so proud of Devin! He is looking forward to getting to Seattle


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Chance said...

My great grandfather was Martin cornelius Ellis from Dallas and I have many Ellis relatives from Texas and ms please contact if interested