Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yours and Mine Poem

Hey everyone I need some help finding the poem, "Yours and Mine" author Unkown. It's a poem about a family that has lost a child. It starts off about how the lord looked down on a couple and thought that they would make great parents to a little spirit of His. It then goes on to talk about the boy growing up and then about the early passing of the boy and how the Lord reminds them that that spirit was his and theirs. Ranley's cousin lost her little 5yr. old boy friday, and that poem seems to always bring some comfort to those who read it. It use to be on my parents old computer but it crashed and I can't find a hard copy anywhere. If any of you have a copy of it or know where one is I would appreciate you letting me know. I've searched for it and can't find it anywhere. Thanks again Bon

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Stefanie said...

Bonnie---I have tried searching for this and can't find it...sorry!